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mission statement

Our short-term vision is to expand our fine arts programs based on our community’s continue interest in dance, theater, and physical fitness.  Our vision is determined through the eyes of our dancers.  WE plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream.

Our long-term vision is to inspire our community with non-competitive dance education and offer many performance opportunities in a facility that will motivate, educate, and develop an appreciation of the fine arts.  WE will build a facility where dancing dreams are shared throughout our community. .

We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through our dance program.  Our goal is to provide quality dance instruction through caring, professional instructors in a friendly atmosphere.  

Hype Dance Studio promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation through the fine arts of dance.  We inspire every dancer to find the creativity inside herself/himself as "we dance to tell a story" each year.

we believe

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