Arielle Carvalho

Bellydance/Dance Conditioning Instructor

​Arielle is a dynamic and passionately dedicated dancer who recently relocated from Orlando to Coral Springs, FL. Her infatuation with bellydance began when she was growing up in Egypt, where she fell in love with Middle Eastern culture, music, and dance. Her first bellydance performance was in Cairo at age 10 and she has been obsessed ever since. Upon returning to America at age 15, Arielle was diagnosed with knee deformities and Fibromyalgia and was told that they were not fixable. She was forced to give up dancing, despite a lifetime of training. At age 18, she had had enough of a life void of dancing and decided to get back into bellydance. She has been unstoppable ever since. She uses her medical conditions as her motivation to push through both the good and the bad days. She believes anything is possible and hopes her story will encourage others to dance if that’s where their heart belongs. In 2012, Arielle graduated from the University of Central Florida with two degrees: one in Microbiology/Molecular Biology and the other in Psychology. Since then, she has chosen to pursue her dance career full-time, while utilizing her education when it comes to things like understanding muscles and the psychology of dance. Since then, Arielle has won several awards in both oriental and fusion styles. For years, Arielle has been an instructor, choreographer and troupe member with the award winning Orlando Bellydance Performance Company and is now an in-demand performer throughout the United States. With her distinctive style and look, Arielle is an up-and-coming dancer that we are all sure to see more of. You may have seen her on Egypt’s first bellydance competition show, Al Rakessa, which aired on Egyptian TV in 2014. As a result of becoming a finalist on this show, Arielle became an overnight sensation in Egypt and hopes to continue to make waves in the dance scene around the world. Arielle is a versatile dancer with a background in burlesque, hip hop, flamenco, samba, African, ballet, jazz, modern/contemporary, fire dance, ballroom, bollywood, Middle Eastern folk, and many others. This all contributes to her unique style, which ranges from sassy to sorrowful, feminine to fiery, goofy to elegant. 

Ciana Boetius

Co-Owner, Dance Fusion/bellydance/Barre Instructor

Ciana is an amazing instructor who has been teaching group fitness classes for more than 10 years and she loves to show you how to shake it! Her choreography is always fresh and fun and her classes always feel like a party! 
She is also an accomplished and beautiful belly dancer. She is a certified Level 3 Suhaila and Level 2 Jamila belly dancer in the Salimpour Format. She's currently training towards the next level certification. Ciana is a versatile dancer with a background in Samba, Pole Fitness, Fire Dance and fire eating, Reggaeton, Salsa, Hip Hop, and many more. Come take a class and let her instruct you in one of the oldest and most expressive forms of dance. 

Heather Viniar

Yoga Instructor

​Heather has practiced yoga since 2006, and found her true passion for the Baptiste methodology in 2015. Heather's intention for her classes is to provide a space for her students to realize they are perfect, whole, and complete, exactly as they are. She brings ease and flow to the practice, while building on the mental and physical strengths that yoga offers to every student. Heather is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher at the 300-level, a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) through the Yoga Alliance, and a 95-hour registered children’s yoga teacher (RCYT) through the Yoga Alliance. Heather has completed the Baptiste Foundation #unstoppable training and Yoga for Trauma training through Pose by Pose Yoga. Heather knows the confidence and empowerment that yoga has brought her, and she is committed to sharing that with others. She is dedicated to her practice, to furthering her knowledge, and to making a big impact on the world, through yoga. Heather is also a Certified Personal Trainer and teaches group fitness classes. Heather’s classes are all levels, so get ready to move, sweat, play and be empowered at how strong you truly are. You are ready now!!

Gigi Fleurimond

Dance Fusion Instructor

The love for dancing has always been in my blood because of my background (Haitian and Cuban). In high school I took classes in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Over the years after I started taking Zumba classes, I decided that it was time for me get certified since I loved it so much to the point where other instructors and participants thought I was an instructor too. Overall I do it to make everyone around me feel good. Seeing everyone's faces when their song comes on and seeing their dancing energy just brightens up my heart and this is how I know I am in the right place. 

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Shantel Medina

Bellydance Instructor

​Shantel began her journey in Belly Dancing at the young age of 11 years old. In 2007, she started her studies with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. She continued her studies from Orlando to LosAngeles, San Francisco and Vancouver, studying under Lacey Sanchez, Rachel Brice, Sherri Wheatley, Mardi Love, Princess Farhana and more. In recent years, she began her certification with renowned Tribal Fusion pioneer Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program in hopes of soon becoming a Datura Style teacher.

She has performed in amazing stages and shows such as Tribal Fest, San Francisco’s Gold Rush Show, Lebanese Love Affair and Tribal Mania Miami 2018!

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